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The Most Popular Lambda Logger for Node.js

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* LambdaLog can be used anywhere JSON logs are desired!
Install LambdaLog
npm install lambda-log

LambdaLog facilitates and enforces logging standards in Node.js processes or applications anywhere by formatting your log messages as JSON for simple parsing and filtering within log management tools, such as CloudWatch Logs. Works with all of the supported versions of Node.js on Lambda.

Originally created for AWS Lambda Functions, LambdaLog is a lightweight and feature-rich library that has no dependency on AWS or Lambda, meaning you can use it in any type of Node.js project you wish.

Why another Lambda logger?

There are plenty of other logging libraries in the NPM ecosystem but most are convoluted, included more functionality than needed, not maintained, or are not configurable enough. LambdaLog was created to include the important functionality from other loggers, but still maintaining simplicity with minimal dependencies.


Anyone can log JSON to the console, but with Lambda Log you also get:

Annotate Logs with Tags

Add tags to your logs both globally and individually.

Include Extra Metadata in Logs

Attach additional information to your logs globally and individually.

Formatted Errors

Errors are parsed to include the relevant information in your logs.

Tons of Customization

Many options that allow you to make LambdaLog work the way you want without being overwhelming.

Pretty-Printing of Logs during Development

Pretty print the JSON logs during development, making it easier to read your logs in a terminal.


Class-based library that allows for advanced customization down to the methods.

Excellent Documentation

Full documentation and examples that cover every aspect of LambdaLog.

Fully Tested

100% test coverage to ensure all functionality works in each release.

Enterprise Ready

MIT Licensed and audited for vulnerabilities.

High Performance in a Small Package

Only 1 dependency and ~40kB total package size.

Ready to use LambdaLog?

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